ILMU TEKNIK : Maintenance of Cooling Tower Units

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There are several treatments that are carried out after carrying out daily and monthly monitoring which includes:

A Care Cooling Tower Unit

The treatments of the Cooling Tower unit include:
Periodic checking of tension belt fans per month
Dirt cleaning when clogging occurs in the upper basin, distribution filler or filler. Clogging can interfere with the cooling process
Cleaning the dust, mud, and dirt in the lower basin periodically per month, and controlling the floating valve
Regular filler cleaning per month
Keep the cooling tower area clean from waste such as plastic, leaves, and others

B. Cooling Water Treatment

The treatments for cooling water or water treatment carried out include
Conduct routine water treatment (daily) with chemicals to control crust, corrosion and mold or bacteria. Conduct blowdown regularly and routinely to prevent cooling water from becoming saturated

C. Addition of Water Supply (Makeup Water)

When the cooling tower is operating, there will be evaporation from the water cooling supply and additional water or feed water is needed. To get decent feed water, consider several things, namely:
  • Submit ait
  • Ait parameter content
  • Water discharge

To achieve certain requirements inadequate handling of feed water will result in deposits or crust, silica and grass sediment. The standard requirement for makeup cooling water tower is the amount of makeup water is the amount of blowdown water plus evaporated water or for easier access to the maximum level of water in the cooling tower.

D. Chemical Addition

The addition of chemicals is done aiming to control, moss, regulate the acidity of the cooling water. The concentration of rust-preventing and anti-organism chemicals must be maintained. Therefore the dosing pump must always be in operational condition and chemicals must not be poured manually into the water basin in the cooling tower. The type of chemical used in the cooling tower unit is
a. Applied 4-979 (scale and corrosion inhibitor)
Used to reduce the potential for corrosion, remove scale on the tube in the condenser, this chemical is poured into the dosing pump
b. Applied 3-409 (moss cleaner)
Used to remove moss attached to the cooling tower and condenser tube
c. Applied 2-840 (acidity regulator or ph control)
Used to control the pH level of acidity of the water to keep it in standard conditions
d. Applied 2-571 (IT mil-etch-cleaner)
Used to clean the evaporator, but because the chemicals are too hard it can cause the evaporator fins to become damaged. So what is used today is liquid detergent.
e. Applied 5-871 (for descale)
Used for the condenser scale descaling process or descale process.

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