ILMU TEKNIK : How to Work a Water-Cooled Chiller in a Hotel

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The workings of this water-cooled chiller can be divided into two namely the primary refrigerant side and the secondary refrigerant side. From the side of the primary refrigerant, there is refrigerant compressed so that the pressure rises, then the high-pressure refrigerant at the beginning goes to the condenser, in the heat in the cooler from the environment cooled in the water chiller is assisted by the cooling tower. Where in this process using a secondary refrigerant that is air.

The water will be flowed into the condenser to absorb heat from the condenser, then the hot air will be flowed into cooling to be cooled by contacting it directly with air equipped with convection using a fan. To circulate this air aided by a cooling water circulation pump. Furthermore, the refrigerant that has cooled and improved the condensation process will flow to the expansion device. The expansion device used is a type of tertnostatic expansion. The refrigerant expansion valve will reduce the pressure which will also reduce the temperature down.
Then the refrigerant will flow to the evaporator, in the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the media to be cooled where the cooled here is air. Water that has been cooled by the evaporator will be flowed to the AHU and FCU by a cold water circulation pump. In AHU and FCU the cold water will enter the cooling coil and then it will be blown by the blower so cold air from the air will be channeled out of the room through the ducting channel. Furthermore, the water from the coil will flow again to the evaporator to be cooled again. The refrigerant that has absorbed heat from the air will convert the phase into gas and flow back to the compressor for the compressor so that it continues for the system to work.
So that the room temperature is maintained, the temperature of the air and refrigerant must be following the desired room temperature. In this water chiller temperature settings as shown below.
It can be recommended for CHW IN (water chiller inside) to be kept not more than 15°C. For CHW OUT and EVAP REF so that the range is kept less than 4°C. Then CDW IN (deep condenser water) is kept not more than 30°C For CDW OUT and the COND REF range is kept not more than 3°C

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